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“If not you, then who? If not now, when?” – Hillel

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Passion * Attention * Expertise

People learn through meaningful interactions, when communication is honest and respectful. The best learning environments are dynamic and vivid where diverse learning techniques and activities are used.

It is in such an environment that you can become an autonomous learner able to discuss and communicate confidently.

You will enjoy our sessions together because I share my passion and exuberance, as well as my undivided attention and expertise.

You will benefit from my 20 years’ experience teaching English.

You will also benefit from my 4 years’ Mindfulness journey.

Your lessons with me place you and your needs at the centre because my coaching approach combines teaching expertise and mindful attention.

My secret is this – I bring 20 years’ experience to you. What I have learnt in the English classroom helps me in my Mindfulness coaching, and what I learn from meditation invigorates my English training. Click on My Story below to find out more!


What better introduction and recommendation than the one

given freely by other clients who liked my Mindfulness coaching and my English training?

‘Corinne is a very sweet individual with a good heart and very pure spirit. You can feel positive energy in all of her work.

Whether she is attentively teaching you English, masterfully leading you through meditation, or mindfully and consciously talking about her day-to-day life and activities, you can feel that Corinne is a mentor like no other, regardless of the subject she is mentoring you in.’

– Katerina Afanaseva, face-to-face General English training
English Training

‘Corinne’s delivery of this [MBCT] course is impeccable. She has great sensitivity towards others and conveys the methods and effectiveness of mindfulness and meditation in the most beautiful and soothing way.

I have learnt so very much with Corinne. From breath work to meditation, mindfulness, being in the present moment and how our brain works, Corinne’s courses equip you with the tools to go on about your life in the most serene and present of ways, despite l the challenges we may be presented with along the way!’

– Roberta Bellizzi, online group Introduction to Mindfulness and MBCT training

Mindfulness Training

I have been learning English with Corinne for about a year. Although I was sceptical about online lessons, I find it really good thanks to Corinne. First of all, she has chosen a great book to study from which completely fits my needs and we can use the book in our meetings because of screen sharing.

Secondly, she organises the lessons in an interesting way, there are different exercises each time and always taking into account my wishes.

Not only have my colleagues noticed how much my English skills have improved recently, but I feel safer when I speak English with my friends.  I speak much more fluently and with better pronunciation.

All in all, I really enjoy learning with Corinne. You can tell from the fact that I originally only wanted to have a meeting every 2 weeks, but after the first 2 units I have a lesson with her every week.’

– Aniko Hellmann, online one-to-one General English training

English Training

Well delivered presentation and explanation of the material. Course content was well structured and flows.

Highly recommended. Helps understand the basic concepts behind meditation. Thanks.’

– Raniero Polidano, online one-to-one Introduction to Mindfulness and group MBCT training
Mindfulness Training

‘I home-stayed with Corinne for 2 weeks to improve my Business English. She is a very well-prepared teacher, scrupulous and attentive to the needs of her learners.

In addition to her teaching skills, I was also able to appreciate her hospitality and willingness to introduce me to the beauties of Malta.’

– Roberta Giacomini, face-to-face, one-to-one Business English training

English Training

‘I highly recommend this amazing [MBCT] course. Corinne delivers her knowledge with so much passion. I have learnt the importance of letting go and live the present moment. This course equips you with the necessary tools for a better, meaningful approach to life.

– Michelle Aquilina, online group MBCT training
Mindfulness Training

‘I would highly recommend Corinne’s services. A very professional approach. The CLIL Methodology course by Corinne Vella is very clearly prepared, with precise explanation and great examples, very useful.

You can see that Corinne not only teaches about mindfulness, but also practices and is able to weave this skill into teaching methods.’

Anna Szymoszyn, face-to-face/ online group, CLIL for Secondary Teachers English teacher training

English Training

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