The Mindfulness Coach

I am an accredited Mindfulness Based Cognitive Training coach and practitioner. I hold group training as well as 1-1 sessions.

Once I experienced the benefits of Mindfulness first hand, I knew I wanted to share this wondrous practice with others.

Life can be hard – we lose people we love, long-term relationships come to an end, we are hurt by people we trust, we suffer illnesses, setbacks and disappointments…

It is easy to become negative-minded, easy to lose faith and hope, easy to feel anxious. I reached this point in my early 30s and I felt like there was no joy and no sunshine in my life. It was neither an easy time nor a pleasant one.

And so I started working on my wellness and well-being and one fine day, a couple of years down the line, a friend told me, ‘What you need is Mindfulness!’ I had no idea what he was talking about, but I was open and I was willing, so I started looking into it.

And it changed my life! Completely!

I rediscovered joy, happiness, clarity, and gratitude. These changes did not come overnight, but I can say that I started feeling the benefits within the first weeks of my practice.

And so I read many books and I made time to meditate daily. The more I learnt about Mindfulness and its benefits, the more I was convinced that I wanted to share this with as many people as possible.

Have you ever had a delicious meal at a restaurant and then wanted to take your friends or a loved one there so that they could experience it for themselves? Well, this felt the same for me, but instead of the short-lived pleasure of a meal which lasts a couple of hours, what I share with others when I teach Mindfulness is life-transforming and brings about long-term changes.

The English Language teacher​ & Teacher Trainer

I am a freelance English Language Trainer with wide-ranging international experience. I work bespoke, face-to-face, as well as online.

I am lucky because I came to teaching young in life and I struck gold immediately – I think few people find their calling in their very first job.

I started teaching at a popular English language school in Malta in 2002. I was at this school for 9 years, during which I taught hundreds of students of all nationalities – Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Libyan, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Colombian, Brazilian… I taught adult General English and Cambridge exam classes, as well as Business English.

In 2004 I was invited to Dusseldorf to give Business English seminars at an advertising agency, and in 2006 I taught English to adults for 3 months at a school of English in Perth, Australia, while there on a working holiday adventure.

Over the years I got various ELT qualifications – BA English (Hons) Language & Literature, MA English Language, Cambridge ESOL CELTA, & Trinity DipTESOL. I genuinely love learning, so advancing my qualifications has been a joy in itself, and so I can easily put myself in a learner’s shoes.

For 5 years I was Director of Studies at 2 reputable language schools in Malta, guiding teams of teachers in their own teaching, giving hundreds of students a service with a smile, specialising as a Business English Trainer, English for Specific Purposes Trainer, and an English Teacher Trainer.

Lover of the Sea

I am a lover of the sea. Knowing how much nourishment I get from the sea, I try to give back.

My childhood was spent in the water – I am an islander after all.

In every universe I could have been born in, I will have loved the sea. I cannot imagine a life without the sea in.

Starting off as a water baby – swimming freely in deep, snorkelling and playing holding-the-breath-underwater-games with my sister at a young age, going out on boats…

with exceptional teen memories – daily walk of 5km to the rocky inlet Wied iz-Zurrieq for our swim, the scuttling of the famous diving wreck Um-El-Faroud (a ship with a history which was sunk in 1998), the 1999 edition of the World’s Strongest Man at our rocky beach…

and now engaging in a myriad of mindful, intentional positive experiences as an adult to cultivate the nourishing effects and benefits that our seas and our waters have on our holistic well-being. So I snorkel, I dive, I beachcomb (I collect seaglass, driftwood, pebbles and shark teeth) I go trekking along the coast… In other words, I engage in intentional positive neuroplasticity, what Dr Rick Hanson describes as ‘turn[ing] passing experiences into lasting inner strengths’.

My love for the sea is, inevitably, marred by concerns of the many threats the oceans, seas, ecosystems and marine species are under. In my actions I try to be as green as possible, and I also work to raise awareness by advocating, sharing information, and engaging in creative activities using marine debris as my main materials.


My Mission is to find relevant, creative and enjoyable ways to share my knowledge and learning with you. As my client, I place you at the centre of my focus and I always ensure your needs and wishes drive my preparation and delivery.


My Vision is to find the best way to communicate with you, my client. I aim to make you feel heard and valued, so that your learning takes on an added dimension.


  • Dedicated
  • Passionate
  • Versatile
  • Empathic listener
  • Professional
  • Mindful of your needs
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